Get involved!

Thank you so much for your interest in taking part in the Fintech League.

We are keen to find out more before choosing what teams will be joining the league next season, and play in (arguably) Europe’s biggest competition.

To manage expectations and disappointment, we would like to disclose that there has been over 40 different companies, who have registered an interest in playing next season. Whilst we would have liked to include everyone, we only have the capability (for next season) to open it to a maximum of 9 additional teams.

What is the Fintech League?

It’s a 7-a-side (becoming 6-a side) mixed football league bringing together the Fintech scene in London around a unique sporting event, supported by social coverage, media production and driven by an extremely engaged community.

As the Fintech hub of Europe, London has a vibrant and growing community of people at the cutting-edge of the Fintech scene. Football provides the perfect landscape to bring all these people together through some friendly competition. The very first iteration of this league consists of the following teams: 11:FC, Curve FC, Funding Options FC, GoCardless FC, Monzo FC, Receipt Bank FC, Revolut FC, Starling FC. 

Season 1 has a total of 14 game days (4 games each Friday) played in a period of 16 weeks, which kicked off on Friday 22nd March 2019 and will end on July 5th 2019.

What is happening next season?

- Bigger, better, increased media coverage, more social content, more community events, improved pitchside fan experience.

- 2 Divisions of 8 teams, with a full draw to decide divisions split.

- Up to 9 new teams.

- Going down to 6-a-side to drive entertainment, give fans even more goals to cheer about, and allow extra space to players on the pitch.

- Kicking off late September 2019.

- All games will take place at Shoreditch Powerleague, London, with kick-offs on Fridays at 5.40pm & 6.20pm.

- 14 game days for each team (first & return legs) , split across 8 months - 28 game days total for the League.

- Each division will play every other week, with first legs in the autumn, a short winter break, and return legs in the spring.

- Division 1 & Division 2 champions.

- An evening playoff tournament at the end of the season, in a London stadium, organised between the top 2 teams of each division to crown Fintech League champion.

- An end of season Awards Party for players and fans.

What does it mean to play in the Fintech League?

- Adhering to a code of conduct focusing on fair play, friendly competition & respectful behaviour on and off the pitch.  

- Respecting the fact that it’s a mixed league, and actively drive the inclusion of both female and male players in your team.

- Have two representatives (captain and vice-captain) responsible for day-to-day communication within the League, who can be counted on at any time to make sure all the values we stand for are respected.

- Being organised and able to field a full team of players every scheduled gameday.

- Understanding that’s it’s a Fintech community event, as much as it is a sporting event.


- Before the start of the season, each team will be responsible for paying £800 + VAT directly to our partner Powerleague who provides logistics such as pitches, referees, ball, bibs etc.

- Have jerseys / kits of matching colours ready for the start of the season.

Tell us about you.

We have thought of a few questions to get to know you better and help us make a more educated choice.

- Please use this typeform or email us at

- Applications close on June 26th. Results will be shared on the week c/o July 1st. One application per team.

1- Why do you want to join the Fintech League?

2- What makes your company the ideal choice for the Fintech League?

3- How will you make sure you adhere to essential missions of the Fintech League such as:

  • Having a mixed gender team and driving inclusiveness.

  • Being fair and respectful both on and off the pitch.

4- What is your company’s football pedigree?

5- Anything else you would like to add.

Final word.

We are so humbled by the success of the Fintech League, and the interest it has generated across the Fintech community. We could not be more excited for next season, and beyond, and can’t wait to share with you the details of what we have been working on, and the amazing partners joining us on that journey.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your interest with us, and always remember, whatever happens, the real winner is Fintech (and football).

Anthony Marion